Introduction to Talvia



Literally translated, TALVIA means the Way (“via”) of the Myst (“tal”). The word “Myst” means “mist” but not just a physical mist. It is a spiritual “mist” as well. That is why we use the letter “Y” instead of an “I”. Because the mist of which we speak is both physical and spiritual. It is “Myst”, as in mystery.


In the case of water, mist is the highest energy state. In the case of spirit, Myst is the highest state of awareness and therefore the state toward which we should all continually strive.


The Twelve Corrections are the path toward the Myst. Each Correction has its own Talvidic Month* during which it alone is the focus of the Disciple’s Mystic Journey. That is all. Just one Correction per month. Simple


The Disciple need nothing more than a knowledge of the Talvidic Calendar (traditional calendars are easily converted, or genuine Talvidic Calendars are freely available for the modest cost of shipping or download), and a knowledge of the Monthly Correction in order to begin the Practice TALVIA.


Other items are not needed unless desired by the Disciple. This is entirely personal and voluntary. For example, to name a few, the TALISMAN has long proved an object of devotion and veneration that pleases and protects its wearer. The HOME ALTAR can provide an economical place for meditation as well as a focus of interior beauty in virtually any home. And many disciples value the encouraging process of leaving a record and testimony in the Personal Growth Diary, also available for the mere cost of delivery. Visit


But what is most vital is the personal commitment of each Disciple to embrace the easy Practices of the Twelve Corrections. Just one per month. Nothing could be easier.


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