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Fourth Month- Competition
June 27, 2008

Fourth Month






June 22-July 22


This is the Month for the Correction of the desire for Competition. This desire is innate, evolutionary. We are the product of the success of this desire, but now is the month for the Correction of this desire. We must turn it upon ourselves, make ourselves the standard to beat and thereby avoid the negative competition and embrace the positive competition. This is especially true in our Family and Friendships, for example, by sharing with others the secrets of our winning ways in those areas where we have special talents and skills. The Journey is not less important than the result.

The Journey is the Way. During this Journey we are already winning by gaining knowledge and advancing forward. Every step is a win for us and for those around us.


Third Month- Duality
June 27, 2008

Third Month





May 22-June 22


This is the Month we must attempt to be aware that we live in two dimensions, one we see, one we choose not to see, to employ the dualistic thinking that will rule the future: Imagination and Reality. Imagination creates reality. In this month you must act upon your dreams, your wishes, your imagination, to make these things real, to bring them to life. We exist in two dimensions, but Society suppresses those who actually live and think like this (for example, DaVinci, Galileo, Einstein, Edison) but we must encourage it. Don’t allow anyone or anything to suppress your vivid imagination. Be strong in the Spirit and the Materialistic. Embrace the Myst. Only by using all of our minds will we be able to make the Universe better and receive More into our lives: More Love, More Life, More Esteem,
More Influence, More Happiness, More Satisfaction, More of anything we Desire.

Receive More and Give More. Improve the Universe. Be the Best.