Sixth Month-Relationship/Yachasim
August 31, 2008

Sixth Month


August 22-September 22

This is the month for Correction in the area of Relationship. People generally do not realize the value that derives from their relationships in the eyes of others. We all desire the value we get from our Relationships, and specifically the pair Relationship, but we fail to realize how we can increase that value. For Men and Women, they should seek to understand the differences between the sexes with the aim of advancing one another. Create mutual value by praise and enhancement of the other and helping in weak areas. For singles, they must focus on what they want in the relationship they desire.


What is TALVIA
April 11, 2008


Talvia means “Way of the Myst”.

Talvia is an ancient and secret system of continual self-improvement that has been handed down over 5,000 years.

Now we pass it on to you with Love.

Your Life is important, and you can be the architect of your own future happiness if you will embrace the principles of Talvia and employ the twelve tools (“Corrections”) on a monthly basis for the rest of your life.